Hi! So I was thinking about adopting some lith…

Hi! So I was thinking about adopting some lithops into the family but I'm afraid that I can't give them proper care because there's only 2 seasons in Costa Rica (summer and winter) and where I live it's kinda humid. There's a lot of sun, tho. Will they still be okay in such a climate? What would their watering schedule be? sorry for the long ask ; _ ; i just love those tiny little rocks jesus christ.

LOL I love those tiny damn rocks, too. They’ll be fine with the humidity, provided that they’re kept out of the rain. Since you’re in a tropical climate, I would suggest keeping them dormant in the summer, which means giving them very little water – only just a sip if you see them wrinkling. In winter, you can water them freely.

My only real concern is the lack of cool summer nights and cold winter nights, which lithops are used to in their native climate. I’ve HEARD of some people putting them in the refrigerator every night, but unless you’re SUPER dedicated that might be a little much. Try at least putting them in the coolest area you have. Maybe under a fan or something.

Good luck!!!