hey! i wanted to reach out and ask for some ad…

hey! i wanted to reach out and ask for some advice!! i have one of the larger palms in my house that i got from ikea awhile back (i don’t know the full name of it 😬) and it’s turning a bit brown and brittle, even though i’m giving it a whoooole bunch of water without trying to over water it. any tips on how to help it? thank you so much!!!!

Man i have the same problem. The thing with palms, like a lot of other tropical plants, is that they crave HUMIDITY. this is especially hard to provide during winter with the dry heat and all, but there a few things you can do to help:

mist the fronds – which has to be done constantly to really work. it’s best to leave the pot on top of a tray of pebbles full of water, which will add humidity to the air as the water evaporates. it also helps to group plants together so they keep the air around them more moist through transpiration. you should also shove it in the shower once or twice a month to give the entire plant a good soak. 💦

tangledwing: Greek valerian (Polemonium caerul…


Greek valerian (Polemonium caeruleum) , is a hardy perennial flowering plant. The plant produces cup-shaped, lavender-coloured or white flowers. It is native to temperate regions of Europe. Slugs can eat one overnight so get some organic pest repellent.

first snowfall.

first snowfall.



variegated aeonium

Hello plant friend! I hope your green darlings…

Hello plant friend! I hope your green darlings are doing well 🙂 I have a quick question and would really appreciate your help. Do you know of any indoor/medium-to-low-light plants that are also safe for cats? Thank you 🌻🌸🌼

Hello! My plants are doing well, thanks. 😍

Some low-light, cat-friendly plants are: spider plants, ferns, palms, haworthia, and christmas cactus.

afaerytalelife: Summer’s Sweetness Frozen, by…


Summer’s Sweetness Frozen, by Kosara’s Rose Garden.

gonialoe variegata.

gonialoe variegata.



The ‘DC XL’ Venus flytrap corner was looking especially hellish today. You could fit a quarter in each of those traps.

Keep warm this week with Creamy Chicken &amp…

Keep warm this week with Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Soup from our Home for the Holidays Pinterest board! 🌿❄️




“my hands look like this so hers can look like that” meme except the first is manicured nails and the second is covered in dirt because the first is working a desk job to support her and her wife, who is growing a big beautiful vegetable garden in their yard