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Herbal Remedies for Pancreatitis Herbal reme…

Herbal Remedies for Pancreatitis

Herbal remedies for pancreatitis consist of many effective organic components that have a multi-target effect on the disease.

Experiments on animals found that these herbal formulas have a significant impact and that they can be used as an adjunctive treatment for pancreatitis.

Follow-up studies on patients with pancreatitis showed that these remedies are effective in treating both acute and chronic pancreatitis.

To learn more about the benefits and uses of medicinal herbs for pancreatitis CLICK HERE:

unicornvibration: Garlic up to dry 


Garlic up to dry 


crassula falcata

Hey I saw that poinsettia you have. I have one…

Hey I saw that poinsettia you have. I have one too, it’s super small but so far it’s just been dropping leaves and shriveling up. Now it barely has any leaves anymore, only the stem is left. But it’s nice and green. Is this normal? How can I remedy this? Will the leaves slowly grow back?

I don’t own a poinsettia myself, actually 🙁 They require a bit too much pampering than I’m willing to deal with.

I believe that they shed a lot their leaves after their blooming period, so this could be normal. I’m not certain, though – any followers with poinsettia experience please confirm!

I left plantblr for a while and throwing an ey…

I left plantblr for a while and throwing an eye in after this long is ❤️ Ughhh I missed it, and your blog was/is one of my fav I kind of moved from succulents (due to a hail storm slashing a big chunk of my 50 babies) to tropicals but apparently so did you ? Would it be OK for me to share some of them?

Ugh hail is the WORST. That happened to me two summers ago and ruined some good plants. I feel your pain, my dude!

I have tropicals, but only a handful of the more common ones. My place is SUPER dry so most tropicals tend to do poorly. But please share what you have!! All plants are welcome here 💕

flora-file: Verbena bonariensis – (by flora-fi…


Verbena bonariensis – (by flora-file)

lollipop verbena


I just posted some art that was inspired by the girl i’m dating and my ex loved it and asked if she could get it tattooed on her body and i missed the day in lesbian school that covered situations like this


I identify with this cactus so deeply y’all don’t even know